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Im going to shoot it for a while, i may have spencer go one step further and lighten the trigger a little more. If for any reason you decide that your purchase just isnt for you, simply return the item within 30 days of. Posted september 26, 2007 in pistols by steve johnson with 3 comments tags. How to trigger job on glock 43 practical machinist. The difference is an improved trigger pull ie lighter and smoother. Easy stepbystep guide to polishing the correct trigger surfaces of the glock 25 cent trigger job with polishing compound and either hand or. I dont know much about glocks but it feels like the trigger has less travel and a cleaner break. Glock 42 edge drop in trigger connector opticsplanet. Firearm training takes a commitment to spend the time practicing those skills critical to shooting. The 25 cent trigger job for glocks and polymer 80, insane. Article 25 cent glock trigger job the leading glock. We want to ensure that making a return is as easy and hasslefree as possible.

It definitely cleaned up the trigger, reduced prepost travel and now it breaks clean at 3. Military apofpodpo addresses enjoy our free returns. Download the glock owners manual or use the exploded view of the glock parts. If god had wanted the glock to have a smooth trigger he would have spoken to gaston about it. The result is a much smoother trigger pull with a clean break, which helps to reduce unwanted muzzle movement. Just got a new g23 gen 4 for carrying and i was looking around these forums and on youtube, and saw the 25 cent glock trigger job. Having played with glocks for years i must say that a glock is a tool. Technical data are rounded and do not reflect tolerances they. I say tolerated because i was willing to make the trade off of a lessthanoptimal trigger and for me, at least poor ergonomics to be able to put a light on the pistol without a. Hey guys so i just finished up the last video for the glock 43 project, i did a video on a trigger job on the glock 43 i tested the trigger pull weights before any work was done, again after a trigger job smoothing up the contact points and polishing, and a final trigger pull test after changing the connector with a aftermarket one in conjunction with the trigger job, and the results are great. Stackpole classic gun book stackpole classic gun books pdf free. I tolerated glocks the last ten years i was with the government. What needs to be changed over travel, trigger has too much over travel from the point the sear breaks.

I did the 25 cent trigger job on on of my glock 17s. Custom glock trigger kit includes accurately calibrated spring weights deliver consistent force through the entire compression and release cycle to give you a light, refined trigger pull without sacrificing the reliability of your pistol. Note the antiseizure compound applied at the factory. If you just fire 5,000 to 10,000 rounds it will get a lot smoother. I came across an article showing you how to make the glock trigger pull smoother and well as showing you how to detail strip a glock. The model 26 and 27 while they are the same design and same physical size do score enough points because of the cartridges they use 9mm and. Use a little bit of your synthetic grease wptfe and put it on the end of the spring to hold it in place. Without replacing any parts, a glock owner can get a lot of mileage out of polishing some metal parts of the trigger assembly and the striker the trigger weight will be the same, but it will be a lot smoother and crisper.

Allinall, the gen 4 g26 is an excellent pistol for concealed carry or backup gun duties. Ive done this on two separate guns, one after 500 rounds and one after 2000 rounds. Best aftermarket glock trigger upgrade beats the glock 25. I probably just need to shoot more and get use to the glock. The 25 cent trigger job for glocks and polymer 80, insane results. I think its not abrasive enough to do any damage to the frame, although i dont apply it directly to the plastic parts. I also installed a lw connector and 6 pound return spring. Ultimate aftermarket glock trigger upgrade for available glock drop in trigger kits.

Heres a quick howto video for polishing the glock trigger. Fellow glock shooters, i have a glock 34 which i use for competition. Improving upon the 25 cent glock trigger job youtube. Chris, i was actually able to take my gen 3 glock 26 apart past a field strip, polish all the. If you want a smoother, lighter trigger with a shorter and more solid reset, i can do that for you. The 25 cent trigger job is a great way to get the most out of your factory. These modifications are accomplished while maintaining the integrity of the oem parts. Because of its small dimensions, equal to those of the glock 19, the glock 25 in the lowrecoil. Since purchasing a glock 19 gen 3 back in 2008, ive read articles and watched videos on modifications and accessories but none intrigued me more than the 25 cent trigger job. Contrary to popular belief, you are not going to screw up a stock trigger bar with a dremel, or even with a fine file. The glock 25 followed much of the design of the existing glock 19 family but designed specifically with the south american market in mind. Ive heard both sides of the argument for this trigger job. I dont have a sale that can tell me if i took off a 14 pound of pull but from what i.

You dont have to alter the trigger pulljust polish certain areas and the pistol will shoot in. Watch the step by step glock trigger spring install of. Youll get a smoother trigger pull, but youll see only minimal if any reduction in the trigger pull. Moreover, the magazine well is flat across and has no bump as the glock 25 gen 5 or the g19x. Diy gunsmithing the definitive guide pew pew tactical. If you do it after youve shot, say 500 rounds or more, i dont think it will make a noticeable difference at all. Laser ammo reset trigger for glock pistols up to 18% off. Glock 25 cent trigger job pic heavy mississippi gun. Check out the gen5, gen4, g19x, g44 and g45 technology area for mediumlarge backstraps. Apply some synthetic grease to your firing pin and plastic sleeve as well. Published by mike on march 20, 2018 many people wish to improve upon the gritty and long trigger travel the factory glock pistol comes with. Buy glock trigger with trigger bar factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including browning, winchester, fn america, beretta, benelli franchi, stoeger, remington, bushmaster, marlin, sig sauer, hk and many more. Trigger control is the key to shooting a glock accurately.

Basically, you are just polishing some internal parts that rub together to get them a smooth surface to ride on. The glock trigger will never be a finely tuned 1911 trigger or even a good cz75 trigger but it will be fast. Mr poyz 102402 i dont think ive seen any handgun that has provoked so many opinions as the glock. Glock 25 cent trigger job easy stepbystep guide to polishing the correct trigger surfaces of the glock 25 cent trigger job with polishing compound and either hand or dremel tools. You can also do the twenty five cent polish job on the internal parts that rub together. I do glock trigger jobs for a living with my business, argyle armoring.

The glock 25 cent trigger job is using polishing compound and polishing a couple of internal surfaces to get a smoother trigger. Glock will tell you not to modify the gun in any way or it will cause malfunctions and then someone will come back with thats what they have to tell you. Best aftermarket glock trigger upgrade beats the glock 25 cent. Improving upon the 25 cent glock trigger job duration. We use glock factory parts in our process to ensure reliability. Trigger job for glock 17 firearms talk the community.

Glock 17 gen4 mos 9mm upgrades 25 cents trigger job ok guys here is what they call a 25 cent trigger job. The glock manual does indicator that a drop of lubricant should be applied there. I have personally had it bring the trigger pull down a pound on a stock glock pistol. I dont care for the sound effects during the video. Glock 17 gen4 mos 9mm upgrades 25 cents trigger job. This morning i went to the range and shot 210 rounds. Theres a video on youtube called glock 25 cent trigger job that shows how to. One my g26 and g19 i pulled the trigger bar and connectors and put them in my brass tumbler for a couple days.

Now that you own a glock pistol, you need to develop the skills to use it effectively, and that comes from training regularly. Many south american countries restricted their civilian populations from carrying handguns in the military caliber so the glock 25 was designed with the. Since im writing this, my opinion should be fairly clear. Polish a glock trigger 25 cent trigger job in hd youtube. Checked triggers after, i dont see any improvement.

This is the best glock trigger kit with more reliablity than any 25 cent trigger job glock. I polished all contact surfaces with flitz, and left the connector and striker spring alone on my 21. Trigger job glock parts for sale best glock accessories. This glock is a generation 5 glock for the cbp that incorporates a flared magazine well with an extended, longer grip than that of the usual gen 5 glock 26. My son a leo and glock armorer came over and helped me to dismantle my glock 17.

After i got back i did a 25 cent trigger job to the 30s, too. Many of the kits required to get the trigger pull that light are well over. The three models available are the full size glock 17, with a 17 round magazine capacity. It might not be as smooth as if you had done the 25 cent trigger job and then fired 5,000 to 10,000 rounds but religion is not meant to be easy. Doublecheck that the gun is unloaded, and fieldstrip as per the manual. Thats all i could tell with just the polish job, now add a reduced power striker spring, 3. I could feel the difference in the 500 round gun but it felt pretty much the same. It may not be the best tool to shoot a target match with but its a pretty good tool to save your life. Is it worth doing, by itself to the oem trigger group to lighten the trigger pull and eliminate some of the grittiness. It was only last year that i finally did it because i had almost everything needed to perform it and because it doesnt require any special skills beyond patience and desire. Most glocks issued are of the compact glock 19 model. Only the best glock 19 trigger for trigger pull reduction.

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